Valentine’s Day is a big celebration for lovers in Thailand. There are plenty of flower shops and they have a special celebration at restaurants. Motorbike riders are carrying massive toys.

Take a look at this list of romantic options in Bangkok If you’re looking to find someone special, be awed your date, or just reminisce.

1. Make sure to visit the Flower Market

There is a chance that you consider that Valentine’s Day is a western thing, but it certainly gets celebrated throughout the Land of Smile too. The streets in the land of smile are covered in hearts with red and pink beginning on 13 February. Happiness and love will flood the whole city.

Flowers are an integral part of Thai traditions and, especially on Valentine’s Day, roses are preferred. Carnations, orchids and lilies may also be given as gifts to family and loved ones.

There are many flowers you can purchase to express your feelings for someone special at the market for flowers in your locality. สมัครสมาชิก are available all year round, but there are special prices on Valentine’s Day. The reason is that a lot of people will come to purchase high-quality floral arrangements for their loved ones.

As well as the flowers, couples may also present each other gifts on Valentine’s Day. This usually includes chocolates, cards and even jewelry. They also release animals or fish for an indication of luck.

Time spent with your special someone is the ideal option to mark Valentine’s Day. This could be achieved by taking your partner to dinner or going to a local restaurant. You can also treat your loved one to a massage or spa treatment at your local spa.

Finally, go to a cinema together to enjoy the latest film. The major shopping malls have Cineplex theatres, with larger, more comfortable seating than typical seats in stadiums. The seats can be laid out on couches in certain theaters. This is a fantastic option to sit back with your loved one and watch an episode of a film together.

2. Have a meal cruise

A romantic dinner cruise is essential for couples spending Valentine’s Day in Thailand. Make sure to book your reservations early – the restaurants fill up fast for Valentine’s Day! For a truly memorable experience take a seat with the Banyan Tree’s River of Kings cruise. This meal aboard a recently renovated rice-barge sails along the city’s historical sites and iconic landmarks like Wat Arun and the Grand Palace. There is also a performance of traditional Thai dances on board.

While Valentine’s Day is not a celebration of the public in Thailand Love is evident in the entire atmosphere! In reality, it’s the month of affection throughout this Land of Smiles, known as “Wan Valentine”. You’ll find signs everywhere as shelves get crowded with bumper boxes of chocolates arranged to red ribbons or t-shirts emblazoned with corny messages.

If you’re in the mood for a more intimate Valentine’s Day, try food shared with your Thai date. According psychologist Paul Rozin, eating from the same platter is a bonding activity that shows the trust of. Plus, it’s delicious!

Valentine’s Day can be a ideal time to practice the Thai words and phrases with your loved ones. Try to say (khidthueng) (khidthueng) means to purchase something for someone else and (cchaaiphaa) meaning to offer something to someone else.

Bangkok is the perfect location to go out on Valentine’s Day. Bangkok is home to a myriad of Black Valentine events and parties which include big hotels that throw at international DJs as well as offering ample promotions on alcohol. There are also plenty of singles who meet up at local bars and nightclubs. Make sure you bring the hottest black attire!

3. Take a trip to an Rooftop Bar

Rooftop bars make the ideal place to celebrate Valentine’s Day, particularly in Thailand. There are many hotels and bars that offer Valentine’s Day specials, which include dinner or drinks. Choose from different locations and views, including expansive sky decks with rustic stools or jungle-themed areas.

The rooftop bar at Octave is one of the most popular in Bangkok. The multi-level bar is situated in the upper level at the Bangkok Marriott, Sukhumvit. It is home to restaurants and a lounge, both with seating along with a top deck with 360-degree view. The upper deck features a blue neon bars. Try the Valentine’s Day set menu with champagne and appetizers like sea urchin croquettes Galician style octopus, along with mains like grilled Wagyu Beef Tenderloins, French Oysters and the berry compote.

The rooftop of Banyan Tree’s Vertigo has also become a popular spot to mark Valentine’s Day in Thailand. Sky Terrace offers a assortment of drinks (including classic pink and red one) and an all-day eatery that’s open until 1am. There’s a chance to reserve a spot at the romantic piano bar that has views at the city.

There are many spas at hotels that offer Valentine’s Day packages that include treatments that are for two, which include couple massages and couples facials. If you’d prefer keeping things simple, many couples just relax in the hot tub while sipping a few glasses of sparkling champagne. There are numerous hotels across Thailand offer couples-only rooms in which you can spend spending time in the company of just couple of other couples.

4. Take a trip to a restaurant

Although Thailand doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, it’s easy to feel the love on 14th February. The streets are filled with red hearts in large numbers, floral markets are doing great business, and the restaurants offer special deals.

Dining in a romantic setting in a Thai eatery with a stunning panoramic view is one of best things to do for Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s a swanky location on the roof of a tall building or a smaller intimate, cozy restaurant it’s hard to beat eating with the stars and the lights of Bangkok illuminating beneath.

In Bangkok you will find a zillion romantic restaurants to choose from. If you’re looking to create the most impression, you should consider booking a table on the Chao Phraya dinner cruise. But beware that bigger cruises with neon lighting and disco tend to attract partygoers than couples. The smaller, boutique cruise is best for couples.

Another very popular option for lovers is to visit an temple during Valentine’s Day. Numerous Thais come to Trimurti temple on this day to make an offering of prayer for love and luck. It’s a great venue to make a wish to start a new relationship or to renew your vows to your spouse.

What could be better than an exotic vacation to Thailand for recharging your batteries? The beaches are breathtaking, the food is delicious and the landscapes are breathtaking. Sharing this experience with is topping on the cake.

5. Take a trip to the beach

The Thais celebrate Valentine’s Day. Thailand, Valentine’s Day, contrary to other countries which it’s a one-day affair with lots of decorations and people, is a special occasion couples use to create memories together. What could be romantic than spending a day at the beach together with a loved one? There are a myriad of hotels and restaurants offering romance Valentine’s Day dinners. The only problem is that these are often quite busy which means you’ll need the privilege of sharing your meal with several hundred couples. There is a way to get away from the crowds and go to less crowded beaches. Koh Phangan, for example is an excellent option since it provides plenty of exclusive spots that you and your partner can enjoy the day to yourself. Full moon parties on February 5 is a great choice for couples who want to party early and are in search of a memorable evening under the stars.

Go on an Tuk Tuk Tour around Bangkok’s Old City at night. Each of the structures and landmarks are illuminated beautifully. There’s even a particular tour called ‘The Romantic’.

The men of the world often take their Valentine’s Day dates to romantic dinner cruises along the Chao Phraya or rooftop bars. Eagle’s Nest, at Sala Arun provides stunning views from Wat Arun. Bangkok has many other attractions to enjoy.